Both young children and senior citizens are increasingly sharing a rather sad definition. Many who are very young and also very old “unwanted“ and “unloved”.


I believe that too many children are born almost by accident. They are not really wanted, rather than being an outcome of social interaction that wasn’t intended to be reproductive or at least was not planned in that regard.

Then there are parents who having given birth seem to believe that the bringing up of the children becomes an institutional responsibility. Their arrival fills some sort of a social obligation but as for the rest of it, rely on childcare centres schools and other institutions to do the upbringing. There often seems to be no parental conscience whatsoever about this abrogation.

it is small wonder that there are insufficient foster families to look after the burgeoning needs of unwanted children. Nor is it surprising that so many of these young people find nocturnal exercise in damage, vandalism, assaults, or just wondering aimlessly.

What we’ve done and what modern society is creating In this regard is abhorrent. The fact that parents are not held accountable for their neglect Is beyond coherent understanding.

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