Young children are not the only unwanted. Increasingly, senior citizens are becoming manor nuisance value because of their encumbrance imposed upon the system.

What happens to and for old people, The chronologically enhanced senior citizens, is increasingly an issue perturbing the community.

The saga is associated with retirement villages and old people‘s homes is concrete evidence of this issue being more than a tipping point. Regardless of what is said And notwithstanding how politically correct or “polite” conversations might be, the old ones are increasingly a bugbear on more youthful members of society as a whole.

Bundling people into aged care is wonderful for shareholders of businesses listed on the stock exchange. Plenty is paid for care that is often very minimal.. For these institutions and many retirement villages old people are cash cows. In reality, they are “bloody nuisance” and are very poorly provided for by carers. The care that must be provided detract from profits!

I am at 73 and look upon the situation confrontingly aged with concern and apprehension. What’s happening and what has been revealed by the Royal Commission into Aged Care has strengthened my affirmation and belief in euthanasia.

Too many people are unwanted. Living at home or with relatives there’s no longer possible. Being in nursing homes with minimal care is untenable. (Granted, many old people in homes are difficult to manage because of Alzheimer’s and dementia; however care providers have staff Who are largely and trained and in terms of the work they are doing a “not fit for purpose”.)

It would be far better and more equitable if euthanasia was available for people to choose an option so that when they became totally dependent, they could opt out.

And that is what I want to be able to do.

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