All the very best on this Christmas day and for the festive season to all Linked In subscribers. I hope you have a wonderful day locally, regionally, within each State and Territory, around Australia, overseas and indeed worldwide!

I hope the people able to look back and reflect upon things that are of a celebratory nature as well as pondering upon challenges and barriers.

I hope that we can realise barriers are not insurmountable but are obstacles placed upon our pathways as challenges to be overcome. May obfuscations be successfully challenged in the days weeks and months ahead.

I hope that we can consider the importance of society and our part within it, aiming to do our best in a way that considers others as well as ourselves. Too often by habit we are selfish and regardless of our ages, the “I“ generation applies. It needs to be more a case of considering “we“ and “us“.

There is strength in unity and unity comes from togetherness.

May those in fire impacted areas and others who are challenged by nature have the time inability to reflect upon the year that has been entered rejoice in their successes and contributions. Maybe those of us in more fortunate circumstances consider and support those who have been affected.

Wishing everyone all the best.

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