During the very last days I like the idea of walking, talking, then sitting and thinking along the sandy beach of a beach. Sharing this precious time with a friend or companion makes for an enriching experience.

Then possibly the sharing of a quiet and reflective drink in a bar either alone or with a companion can help when summarising the year that has been. There is a lot to be said for solitary reflection with the mind’s eye touching on key elements of challenge and celebration. Quiet ‘chewing the fat’ conversation with a valued friend or critical colleague has similar merit. Revisiting shared times and revisit old times and invoking memories together has its place in summarising the year.

It may even help to jot down key points that come to mind or into the conversation. This may help with establishing the continuity and the extension that should bridge from one year to the next.

The past, even the immediate past, can be informing and provide thoughts on what might help with the continuation of personal and organisation progress in the year to come.

The requiem period of benediction, while an end point of one year, is the introduction to and starting point of the next.

All the very best as 2020 emerges to take up the mantle of 2019.

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