Examples of coronavirus responsibility – an education

A tourist arriving in Darwin from Sydney went shopping in Woolworths Darwin for a brief period before becoming unwell. He immediately confined himself to his hotel room and called the authorities. He is now in the care of the Royal Darwin Hospital having tested positive for COVIG 19.

This man has been far more thoughtful and responsible than the myriad of Chinese students returning to Australia from overseas and who have ostensively been in isolation in a third country in order to qualify to return to Australia. Their ‘isolation’ has been about social fraternisation and having a jolly good time: Isolation and self-quarantining be damned!

All pretence – and three of our our universities are stupid enough to be promising thousands of dollars to help offset their costs and inconvenience while in their mode of self isolation. And as an aside, isn’t it interesting just how much our universities are beholden to overseas students for the income they generate into university coffers.

And our group from the ‘Diamond Princess’

Some of the 160 plus who were brought to Australia and housed in the ex-Inpex workers village have been appreciative. But many have winged, whined and complained. Talk about lack of appreciation and gratefulness. They are the ones who got themselves into their predicament and should thank the Australian Government and Qantas for bailing them out.

They even petitioned the NT Department of Health who have overseen their program for the supply of alcohol. That was denied because it was felt that alcohol loosens inhibitions and could have put imbibers into a position of compromising the security that needed to attach to quarantine procedures.

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