Bring back learning on campus learning and proper classes.

Keep an attendance roll for both campus and online students.

Regard students as people not mere cash cows.

Up the ante on student responsibility and accountability.

Fully assess tutorials and ongoing commitment by students during the period of their course enrolment.

Have a regard for the conventions when it comes to formal assignment presentation.

Require all online students to meet their tutorial and connection obligations.

If students earn failing grades, fail them.

Mark student submissions properly, not cursorily.

If a lecturer, focus more on teaching and less on research and personal study.

Have a proper regard for the language and communications needs of overseas students.

Visit students undertaking teaching practice in schools. Sit in on some of their lessons and assess them.

Recognise educational development and history.

If students are failing teaching practices, support them but do not overlook their failures.

If a lecturer, be a role model when presenting to students.

If an assessor, ensure that those in practice situations fully accept their responsibilities.

Value and comment on qualities of student presentation, diction and generals deportment.

Offer stimulating lectures.

Develop focussed tutorial sessions.

Encourage dialogue between students and be a communicator who offers meaningful engagement.

Treat students as equals in conversation and engagement.

Earn the respect of students and insist on this respect being offered.

Ensure courses you offer are valuable and not in any way diminished toward ‘Mickey Mouse’ status.

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