It would make sound sense for our NT schools to close to students (other than those of essential service workers) this Friday, after 9 weeks of an 11 week term. Attendance i I s desultory and the community confused by the present situation. For week 10 to be the final week of term, one during which teachers prepare materials for distance learning would be an eminently sensible approach. And term two should definitely start as one of distance/online learning rather than physical attendance in classrooms.

As it stands, schools will be open in week 10 and closed to students in week 11.

There needs to be a firming Australian position on schools being opened or closed and when and what services will be offered online. The variations from state and territory to state and territory is, at this point in time, very confusing.


There is NO WAY KNOWN that Territorians who have had contact with the coronavirus through association with those on ships or in touring parties, should be allowed to fly home on commercial airline flights. At the very least their contagion should require medical evacuation to the NT. All those in the NT with COVIG-19 have arrived as regular passengers. That is totally wrong and should not be condoned by authorities.

There is a massive truancy problem in NT Schools, particularly in remote areas. Whether schools are open or closed is immaterial to these hundreds of non-attenders because their behaviours of educational avoidance will not be affected.


1 thought on “POINTS TO PONDER

  1. I agree the school should be wound down but don’t feel it is possible to close completely
    1. Students from lower income families may not have computers or adequate internet to undertake studies on line, would be further disadvantaged as they a left behind
    2. For a number of students, school is a haven to escape domestic violence
    3. Parents are essential workers (Dad police officer and Mum a nurse) can’t have grand parents baby sit leaving children to own devices
    These are just 3 examples where it is in the best interests of the community for students to stay in school

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