One would hope that post the COVID-19 virus, those going overseas and on ship cruises might approach their travels with common sense and awareness of the need for personal care and consideration of others.

Those of us who remained back in Australia are being bombarded with the threat of coronavirus introduced to us by those who came gnome with infections from overseas. And these so called “citizens” keep on coming and coming; there seems no end to their errant stream.

These infected ones are largely those who went against advice and travelled overseas or took passage on cruise ships AFTER travel advices were offered then upgraded. I hope though their selfishness and non-caring behaviour, I hope they are given opportunity to reflect upon the fact that their conduct has been the most major contributing factor of bringing this country to its knees.

Mind you, the arrant stupidity of those who have insisted on threatening themselves and the rest of us by violating physical distancing rules, has not helped. Neither has the capricious behaviour of those who have deliberately violated self isolation rules. This disregard has been most obvious in NSW, Victoria and Queensland, the states leading the infection stakes.

Issuing fines is a waste of time for they will never ever be paid. What those who breach rules need, is a good dose of the Singapore rattan, a whipping or a touch up with the good old cane. Bet they won’t breach a second or third time. They will be more inclined to rethink about the rights of others rather than their own selfish desire for gratification.

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