At his press conference today (3/4/2020) Prime Minister Morrison was asked about China and wet markets and Australian Government thinking on the issue. His response was along the lines of stating that each country has to look after its own situations. That is what Australia is doing at the moment. He went on to state that the issue of wet markets and accountability for domestic practices with international impact was an issue that needed to engage China.

Some find such statements uncomfortable and call out the race card by suggesting such comments are racist in nature. Not true. When countries looking after their interests do so in a way that impacts not only on their security but the security of other countries, the issue becomes one involving other players. They have every right to weigh in with their stated positions.

I read that this outbreak could almost be regarded as biological warfare.

In China’s case, COVID-19 is not the first virus to have its starting point in it’s wet markets. However, this virus has had a far more reaching and world-wide impact than other viruses that were born in China.

In the months ahead, the issue of China’s role in the genesis of virus cultures has to be taken up. Chinese responsibility cannot be excused simply because China is a major trading partner.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) also needs to be called out for the part it played in denying the obvious for so long; that COVID-19 was on a deadly invisible march well and truely before WHO called it out as a pandemic.

1 thought on “THE GENESIS OF COVID-19

  1. Its good we call a spade a spade, at the early stage of Covid-19, if the WHO had taken a second look at the virus and addressed it squarely, it wouldn’t have degenerated to this level of a pandemic. China must be addressed and let the world know why dead viruses usually take their base from there. What is China doing wrongly?

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