Bombarding children, particularly year 12 students with perpetually modified study options at this time, will do nothing positive for their state of mental health and well being. Cancelling NAPLAN for 2020 was wise and considering a deferral of formal assessment for all senior years may be wise. For students to mark time and age a year in terms of formal schooling assessments would not be the end of the world.

Schools and teachers like never before will rely on parents to oversee the education of students on the home front. The attitudes of children as home learners will also be important. Online learning and correspondence links will only work if regular time and structured home learning environments are established and maintained.

Online meetings in place of face-to-face gatherings is not a new concept. Around 15-20 years ago this strategy supported many meetings and key ‘within Australia’ and overseas conferences. I suspect that discontinuation had a lot to do with concerns from airlines and hotel chains about loss of patronage. These were well managed and effective management and professional development alternatives.


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