I wanted to wish all those on LinkedIn the very best with what has been a very different Easter. It is like no other any of us have ever experienced.

This Easter has made one one appreciate the way things usually are, in terms of freedom of movement and the ability to set our own agendas. All of a sudden we are subject to individual management for the collective good.

The last weeks have been ones of great dislocation for everyone. I hope those who are suffering economically and socially find the strength and wherewithal to manage. We all need to look after ourselves and our family members.

The fact that in Australia the normal partisanship positions have been set aside is in a juxtapositional way, an Easter positive.

Politicans are pulling together for the collective good. I wish that sectionalisation in politics with its focus on points gaining and brinkmanship could be permanently set aside,.

Let us all look after ourselves and each other and take care.

At this time we need to take each day as it comes, being as positive in outlook as possible. If we can buoy others up, so much the better.

There is value in time and reprogramming our use of its blessing is an opportunity for each of us.

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