It is timely that universities are starting to think about home grown needs with short term courses for Australian students being supported by government funding. The Focus on overseas students and their money has for years, taken the focus off domestic students and their needs.


It is safe for schools to open on day one of term two with hundreds of students and teachers returning to environments where physical distancing is an impossibility. And it WILL be safe until there is/are an infection/infections within a school/schools. What will happen then? The whole issue about school attendance or home learning is, at the moment, one lacking both logic and clarity.


It’s time that the CDU Management Council had a deep rethink about its construction and service priorities. The budget is tight, the Casuarina campus buildings (at all times) are 80% empty and salary budgets are under stress. Better to consolidate rather than spending over $400 million on an extravagant and unnecessary city campus.

The word is that the money drawn from a Federal Government cities grant and the NAÏF can’t be reallocated because of allocations policies.

Guess what … it could ! All things are possible but it takes willpower and endeavour to effect change.

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