Get off the the Premiers and NT Chief Minister’s backs and stop haranguing and agitating about border closure. Leave them alone.

Look at the case today (6/6) of the Bundaberg Fruitpicker from Victoria who travelled from Melbourne to Brisbane onto Bundaberg where he became ill and tested positive for COVID-19. So tracing has to take account of:

* Plane trip Melbourne to Brisbane.

* Overnighting in Brisbane and mixing with family and friends.

* Travel to Bundaberg.

* Associations in Bundaberg.

* Travel with others to farm from Bundaberg.

* Association with pickers on farm.

Now there are lots of people, when tracked and traced, who must go into quarantine for 14 days. Regular testing will have to be done. And all that for the possible trail of infections left by ONE person.

I’m willing to bet that if we have outbreaks and clusters of COVID-19 following the easing of restrictions, the loudest outcry of outrage will come from those who want all restrictions gone and all borders open.

While on the subject, I wonder how many community transmissions of COVID-19 will be generated by the protection of Black Lives Matter rallies that have been and are being held in our states and territories this weekend. Physical distancing will go by the board and there will be lots of emotive reaction from people who are shoulder to shoulder. LIke as not, there will be coronavirus spikes beginning within the next fortnight. From a health viewpoint, the aftermath of these rallies may come to be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

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