Emotional reactions by governments to two ABC ‘4 Corners’ programs have been disastrous. The response on live cattle management in some Indonesian abattoirs to close down the live cattle trade export in 2011 is about to cost the Federal Government (taxpayer) dearly. The Federal and NT Government knee jerk response to the 4 Corners Don Dale detention issue has so far cost tens of millions for very little positive outcome. Thought before action should underpin government decisions.


Forgive the 12 yo girl who helped a peer break into an Adelaide bank while she was on bail for an earlier offence. It’s not her fault. She is too young to understand the gravity of such an act. In fact, according to a growing chorus of those within support organisations and the legal fraternity, she cannot be held to understand the difference between right and wrong until she is 14.

At least that is what legal eagles and others sympathetic to the cause of young people going off the rails, want us all to believe.

E-scooters are adding hugely to both the vibrancy and ease of movement for people in Darwin’s CBD. There have been few accidents and people availing themselves of scooter movement are taking care of the machines. These scooters are living up to the expectation of their providers, users and City of Darwin Aldermen.

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