The CDU focus on international students is distorting. The needs of our domestic students deserve to be more highly prioritised than is the case. Courses supporting NT and Australian students have been reduced and staff laid off. The result is a loss in trades training opportunities together with a discontinuation of essential occupational degrees in nursing and pharmacy. Homegrown students are being overlooked in favour of dollars that pour into university coffers from overseas students.


There seem to be a growing number of people who think that the new CDU campus plan for Darwin looks angular and ugly. The original design that was being looked at Had a far more relaxed and welcoming appearance. I believe that it was the design done by Wayne Gabbert. For whatever reason that design has been passed over for one developed by an interstate architect. If they go with this, the university campus will look imposing but for many people, myself included, rather ugly, inappropriate and hideous.


Meanwhile, what about the Casuarina Campus which is huge, and rather empty. That campus, the main campus, too often looks like a set of deserted buildings. Just what, I ask, is going to happen to this campus. It is a multi tens of millions of dollars facility totally under used.

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