It is to be hoped that the tens of thousands who crowded our cities on June 6 to support the Black Lives Matter movement do not contribute to a second, sinister COVID-19 spike. There will be many Australians feeling apprehensive about the possibility that a second coronavirus wave may eventuate. If that happens, watch out for a revisitation of business lockdowns and movement restrictions.


The prisoner who made a second foray to the rooftop of a Holtze prison building did so in protest against treatment following the mass breach of security and the $40 million damages bill from recent times. Small wonder corrections staff are treating them with apprehension and limiting their activities. They all deserve lengthened sentences without parole. The majority of prisoners who do the right thing, do not deserve to have their reputations tainted by the appalling behaviour of the aberrant minority.


Jacinta Price speaks with inside knowledge and deep wisdom about challenges confronting Indigenous Australians. She is one of the very few leaders who urges Indigenous people to accept responsibility and ownership of issues they confront, also pointing out that so much misery is inflicted by Aboriginal people on each other.

So much of the fixing has to come from within their own cohort.


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