The realities of COVID-19 are certainly being brought home to roost to us all. The Victorian situation impresses or should impress upon everybody the fact that nobody anywhere is safe from the intrusion of this deadly virus. Precautions are necessary. Physical distancing, hand washing and aspects of personal hygiene and awareness should be a part of our daily lives. That must be the case into the foreseeable future.

There is no room for complacency! It’s complacency and indeed stupidity that have gotten Victoria into the situation that is now occupies – as the Covid capital and Covid state of Australia.

Slack and unbelievably bad behaviour within the hotel quarantine situation – that is the looking after of returned Australians in quarantine – kicked the resurgence off in a big way.

The other major infraction that flew in the face of common sense were family gatherings associated with a Moslem school. I don’t accept that these gatherings were in ignorance. Families would have known about the threat of the coronavirus from their children who attended the school. Neither do I accept that language barriers stood firmly in the way of understanding because awareness was everywhere! Misunderstanding based on language is often used an excuse for avoiding responsibility.

Daniel Andrews has been forgiving and is still very accommodating of people who have contributed to the resurgence of this virus.

Suffice it to say that a minority of Victorians have impacted upon the lives of every Victorian because they don’t care to consider others and because they were prepared to put themselves in their personal needs (including Aaron selfishness) ahead of community and everybody else.

The continuing weakness in Victorian government management of COVID-19 is that everything is or appears to be largely advisory and not absolutely compulsory in terms of behavioural requirements put upon people. I think that this COVID-19 is going to become a lot worse in Victoria and there is a fair chance that it will impact the rest of Australia.

Am I worried; you bet I am and particularly as Northern Territory borders reopen on 17 July. I don’t believe that all the monitoring the world is going to keep COVID-19 away once our borders open up. And you have to know that I hope I am proved wrong!

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