• We have by our slack attitudes and false ‘iron man’ sense of invincibility, brought this plague’s second Victorian wave on ourselves.

• We are all vulnerable to COVID-19. Our vulnerability is increased by the fact that more and more, fewer and fewer people are observing physical distancing rules. I note too, that supermarkets are now inconsistent and sporadic about providing trolley and basket wipes along with hand sanitiser. The number of people allowed into premises at any one time is no longer monitored.

One aspect of the virus is that people are increasingly demanding that government carries the can and accepts full responsibility for what is happening on the COVID-19 front. The expectation that government should ‘keep’ people seems to be alive and well. When people are asked to accept responsibility and accountability for their actions, they can’t cope and stress out.

• NSW is saying community transmission of COVID-19 is at a ‘critical point’ after three more infections have been identified after an infected man went into a pub. Well, what do authorities expect as pubs, clubs and other recreational and eating establishments are open. Infection has to be an expectation.

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