It is a great shame that more and more, the develoment of very young children is vested in care institutions. Parents who should be the primary caregivers for their children are less and less responsible for their upbringing. This leaves children light on for family love and nurturing, deficits that will leave them emotionally insecure.

I often wonder why some parents have children. Is it to do with fashion or do they genuinely want to be parents?

If the latter, many parents have difficulty in understanding or accepting the responsibilities that should go with parenthood. They want children’s but then pass them to childcare agencies, often for many hours each day.

Small wonder then of many of these children grow up feeling unwanted and unloved. What a shame that this should be the case.

If parents are not prepared to provide for their children and are fully family provided way, why have them in the first place!

Is it to do with status, making a statement about the ability to procreate, or simply a desire to keep up and reflect some sort of social norm? Truth be known, if parents are not prepared to make those sacrifices and change lifestyle to reflect the fact that they have children, that they shouldn’t contemplate parenthood. Parenthood means that the role of adults becomes secondary and no longer the primary focus within the family unit. Prime focus should be for the children but often that is not the case. Parents want to retain what they have and not alter their lifestyle contexts when children come along.

So the children born to many of these unions are flicked into care from the very early weeks of their lives and remain in care before, and beyond the school day for years and years and years. They also spend school holiday periods in care They’re not brought up by their parents but rather through institutionalisation.

There is no way this can be the best developmental option for children. I say again, if parents don’t want to be the primary carers and developers of their children, they should not give birth to them.


  1. I agree with you abour this topic.It is true that parents nowdays don’t spend too much time with their children.They work all the time and they think that money they give to them or the things they buy are better than staying with them.
    Children most of the time don’t see their parents, don’t feel their love, don’t have memories with them.

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