I am concerned that we are going to confront a major COVID-19 outbreak, the like of which we have not yet seen. A lack of long term thinking about continuing control measures is a major worry.

There are a number of key issues leading toward this conclusion.

* Quarantine fatigue is breaking the resistance of people to countering COVID-19.

* People are breaching physical distancing rules. It has been proven unequivocally that distancing (along with hand cleanliness) are the best deterents in containing COVID-19 but they have to be long term behaviours.

* Crowds flocking to pubs, clubs, beaches, rallies, parks, cinemas and elsewhere is causing people to overlook physical distancing advice.

* The optionality of testing for those in quarantine and lock down areas will mean more cases occurring because of test avoidance.

*Foolish statements about safety of airline travel (compared to bus, train and ferry travel restrictions) guarantees a spread of the virus among airline travellers and their contacts.

* The continuing return of overseas travellers into quarantine situations is bringing an unrelenting number of infections into Australia.

* The number of cases in schools, businesses and elsewhere will spike: Victoria’s revisitation to COVID-19 is only the start and the virus is now starting to make inroads into NSW.

* It is highly likely that the opening of travel around Australia will generate dollars and bequeath us with COVID-19 cases.

* It can be forecast that when this virus makes inroads into remote communities (and there is a high chance of that happening), COVID-19 will take off in a major way.

*Thinking of the virus as short term is unfortunate. This affliction is going to be with us into the foreseeable future.

Am I worried? You bet I am.

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