It can be easy, particularly at the beginning of one’s career, to “bite off more than you can chew” when it comes to task seeking at schools level. In order to get on and create a good impression, there may be a tendency to volunteer task undertaking an extra curricular school contribution beyond a reasonable point. When this happens, tiredness and ingrained fatigue can set in.

I have a commitment also means that many tasks are undertaken want to tightly, with a few being qualitatively managed. It’s better to study the framework of extras carefully in order to insure that’s what is done, is well done! Being the “willing horse” also put you in a position of vulnerability. People sometimes look for those willing to take on the extras, then dump on them in an unholy manner.

That is not good for those at the start of their career. It is important to take time and adjust, making haste slowly and growing into the teaching profession. While people can be too selfish, always considering the “I” factor of the profession, it is easy to go in the opposite direction and become somebody who is used by colleagues and the school.

As careers develop, it is important to hit a happy medium. That is personally satisfying and enables people to meet their obligationsto others and the profession as a whole.

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