Teaching is a significant profession, in my opinion the most important of all. From time to time colleagues and those with whom we work May be recognised and celebrated by the conferral of awards.

It can be easy for professional jealousy to creep into the thinking of those who feel they should be publicly recognised but have missed out.

A test of true collegiality is rejoicing in the success of others, appreciating what they are doing for the system. Thanking and congratulating them on their successes and what they’re achieving for education can often mean as much to them as the award itself.

Unfortunately we live in an age where Balkanisation and selfishness somewhat to the four. It’s in this context of jealousy and envy for the success of others can be quite an doing of one’s own personal attitude. “Why not me?” Becomes the salient question. People who dwell on perceived injustice is associated with nonrecognition can become quite cynical and spoiling of their own characters and outlook. Feeling good for others and genuinely rejoicing in their successes can help build personal self-esteem and build positive this of attitude.

From time to time throughout my career I’ve confronted this particular issue and been enriched by having appreciated the efforts and recognition bestowed upon others.

Education is the collective profession, one that is most effective when we are all pulling in the same direction.

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