A program desperately needed as part of a curriculum component for students at every grade level in all schools, is one that highlights the importance of saving money. Young people everywhere are bombarded with advertising urging them to spend. Far too many Australians do not have savings plans and therefore no funds to fall back on in times of hardship. The value of money and the importance of saving need to be stressed ; without that, ‘living beyond our means’ and being perpetually in debt will be a never-ending Australian cultural characteristic.


Student unrest and disputes between children in school yards particularly at the end of school days is becoming a problem in an increasing number of schools. Without doubt, mobile telephones and social media contacts between students from different schools contributes to the problem because fights often from online teasing. It would be far better if schools required phones to be handed in at the start of each school day, being returned as students leave for home. Or better still, leave phones at home.


All the very best to our students and teachers (and support staff) or was they get ready for the commencement of term for.

This is the culminating term when all the hard work comes together, hopefully in a way that leads to celebration. The year has been hard and the resilience capacity of students will tell in terms of final assessments.

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