I have been a member of LinkedIn for quite a few years. Having a LinkedIn site is something I’ve appreciated because it enables me to communicate and to learn from others in a professional form. Linking my blog and LinkedIn accounts has been wise.

Facebook, Twitter and other social accounts don’t do anything for me and I’m not interested in joining. I regard LinkedIn as being a forum with a professional orientation and for the most part I think that holds up.

I would welcome the opportunity to become a premium member; however being a retired person does not lend itself to premium costs so my site remains as it is.

From time to time, I have enquired about whether or not a premium subscription could be available at reduced cost for retirees and others who do not have income earning capacity. I have never received any response to this query, so can only assume that the administrators of LinkedIn are not interested.

Linking my blog (henry Gray to my LinkedIn account has been a strategy I have found useful.

I am glad to have the opportunity to be a member of LinkedIn and have learnt many lessons from my membership

and participation.

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