Below is the text of a letter I sent to the NT News. The letter was published on January 23 2020.

Rarely are acknowledgments and appreciations offered in the way Mr Adams spoke.

Incoming Baniyala Garrangali School Principal Cameron Adam’s wise words should be taken on board by all leaders, both new and ongoing (“Newest pending leadership role, Mr Adams said “… there’s been a lot of work done by previous principals … its … about maintaining it and listening to the community to ensure we’re on the right path.”

One of the drawbacks to educational furtherance in the NT and particularly in our more remote schools, has been a failure to follow this behavioural pattern. There has been a tendency for incoming staff to disregard what has gone before. ‘Starting all over’ every time new school leaders and staff members commence their tenure is a poor option.

To be forever ‘in the beginning’ sets aside previous accomplishments, disregarding progress and frustrating students and their communities. Endless repetition and unnecessary recycling is discouraging for students and parents. It is a contributing factor to disinterest in school and poor attendance patterns.

I hope Mr Adam’s intentions are taken on board by other school leaders and staff members. Continuity and building on what has gone before is a superior approach to school leadership and teaching.

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