It seems a lot of people in parliament, particularly staffers, have lead unreal lives.

Many have been privileged in terms of their upbringing, choice of school, tertiary educational opportunities and preparation for political life by their associations.

Has this meant they are incapable of living in the real world and behaving as they should in the real world? Are their lives based on totally artificial constructs of behaviour and expectation? Are they responsible for creating the noxiousness pervading the parliamentary precinct and escaping like a poisonous gas into the wider world of awareness?

These people do not need education and to suggest they do is a cop out! They need to grow up, act responsibly and realise their belief the world fixates around them, was something taught as untrue from their early childhood school years.

They do not need ‘education’ on social behaviour. They need to apply common sense principles to life, living and interaction with others. They need to grow up or be fired.

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