It is a terrible pity and crying shame that the history of Education in the Northern Territory is so dead!

Only twice in my memory have education department CEOs made any mention at all of reference to history.

The first of these was Gary Barnes, disappointed that when he took the top job in Education in the Northern Territory there was no history of education for him to study. He declared that something should be done, but nothing ever was

The second CEO to take an interest in and commit to recording educational history was Ken Davies, who got things rolling in a number of different directions. However, when he was shifted from Education to head another agency in 2016, his successor was not at all interested in following through. She was dismissive of suggestions that Mr Davies program of historical recognition be developed and maintained

So the paradox exists is that we have a department with a history that commenced in 1979, where there is little or no understanding of any of those years excepting in the heads and through the records of those who have retired.

And as retirees pass over, so too is our educational history becoming forever lost.

This could be partially rectified but talking about the subject seems to be taboo.

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