Darwin and Palmerston schools have been misinformed on the issue of returning school based constables. It’s temporary. SBC’s are to be replaced in urban schools by untrained police auxiliaries. Their annual cost of employment ($3 million total) is apparently being met from the Education Department budget. Some deal!!


With NAPLAN over for another year, teachers and students can now get on with real teaching and learning. The tests are a distraction from what should be key focus issues for schools. The testing program is a distraction.

No wonder students’ results in key learning areas are unceasingly in the mediocre to catastrophic range (NT News 25/5). Hungry, tired and downright bored students (boredom often the outcome of sloppy teaching methods) can never excel in key subjects. This story should be a wake-up call to parents about the importance of the eating and sleeping habits of their children.


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