Covid 19 and its variants have taken the world over like no disease that has gone before.

There have been other diseases which have had great impact on large areas of the world. Possibly the Black Death takes the cake when it comes to impact.

That was until up to now. While SARS, Ebola , and other various bird and animal flus have had disastrous impact, their regional and geographical spread has been limited.

COVID-19 is the exception. Together with its variants, this is disease is ravaging the whole world. Some countries are dealing with Covid better than others but all have been impacted. That impact has been social, economic, cultural, and has and is tearing at the heart and the fabric of the world as we know it.

While control through vaccination is happening to a greater or lesser extent, the ability of the disease to sidestep immunisation impact through variant development is playing a large part in causing this disease to be well and truly into its second year of world domination. And vaccine optionality is a major part of prolonging the problem.

In terms of cost on everything from research and development of immunisation through to economic loss, Covid 19 has without doubt being the most expensive disease to raid the world. No one knows when that will end. Covid 19 continues to dominate and that domination is set to continue into the foreseeable future.

This disease above everything else is the number one occupant of world thinking: The command of this insidious disease does not look like ending any time soon!

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