My blood boils and I cannot utter the words reflecting the thoughts I feel for people who deliberately violate border closures when there are lockdowns and limitations placed on people because of the inroads of Coverd 19.

The most recent case of breach illustrates my point. A man and his wife, who both subsequently tested positive to COVID-19 when they arrived, apparently left Melbourne travelled through Victoria, through New South Wales and on into Queensland. They kept on travelling until reaching Caloundra and were believed to be on the road for something like five days.

During the whole of this time they were COVID-19 positive, and the woman became reasonably unwell two or three days before the end of the journey. Both were highly infectious.

Their violation has created emergency situations for testing in New South Wales towns through which they passed, especially for people who were in premises they visited in and around the times of their visitation.

The same applies in Queensland!

Because of arrant selfishness a situation that will cost authorities in both states substantial money – it could run to the millions – has been created.

Just one example! But you also have people trying to get to W.A. from Victoria by skating up through South Australia and into The Northern Territory before crossing over to W.A.

These people are not ignorant of the restrictions under which they should be operating in the living. They are deliberately violating the the securities put into place by their governments. It is not enough for them to be given some sort of small punishment by way of a fine.

These people should be named, photographed and shamed they do not deserve anonymity for what they’ve been up to; they need to be revealed for what they are; selfish , uncaring, wilful individuals!

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