Buffalo Education

From when I was a very young man my back was always very, very itchy and very, very hard to scratch. Getting the itch out of my back was very, very hard. I the hard part was getting to those sections of my back door out of reach of my hands. I didn’t know what to do.

When we were living at Nhulunbuy, buffalo used to wander about the community. One night, our house which had upright posts began to shudder and shake.

It felt like a major earth tremor. On investigation, I discovered a buffalo which also had an itchy back. It was relieving the by rubbing it self the grossly against the poll supporting the overhanging eve of our house.

There in was a clue! If I backed up against the post or against the corner formed by two walls coming together the right angles, There was a place where I could scratch my back including the whole of my back there of.

The buffalo taught me about backscratching 40 years ago. I still employ the methodology with which the Buffalo educated me all these years later. And the scratch is always dissipated.

And who said we couldn’t learn from animals.

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