Learning in Hindsight

Learning in Hindsight

For many years, we worked in remote communities in both WA and the NT. On many occasions we had advisers, education consultants and specialist teachers visit, in order to provide assistance and support.

During our twelve years in communities, we stood hundreds of meals for visitors and provided significantly for accomodation needs.

Student teachers always contributed to their accomodation and meal costs. So too did any supervising staff visiting from training colleges.

As for departmental personnel, we learned many years later that they were given travelling allowances for accomodation and meals. We were never ever offered payment for any assistance we provided these visitors. Over the years people visiting from town would have saved in the bank quite a lot of money. As for us, we were substantially out of pocket and over the years of estimate by some thousands of dollars.

Whenever in later years I visited communities on behalf of the department, I always took fruit, vegetables, the newspaper and generally some delicious cake that had been cooked by my wife.

People in remote communities did not and do not have the same benefits as people living in towns and it’s good to remember them by taking useful gifts that can help them in their living situations.

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