Re-running Educational Points


The way on which children and students have been ‘batted’ between home, school and care centres must be very disconcerting for young minds trying to understand matters about the coronavirus and its consequences. It is to be hoped they don’t succumb to feeling unwanted and unloved.

The (almost) 1000 teachers who stayed in remote communities during the recent school holiday in order to void possible COVID-19 contamination and virus spread, deserve special commendation. To surrender one’s holiday (and that of family members) takes extraordinary dedication and special commitment. This is an example of people who are members of the teaching profession going well above and beyond the call of duty.


One can empathise with remote area police being required to remain within communities because of COVID-19 imposed restrictions. Limitations on travel and movement apply equally to other government employees resident within these communities. I think especially of teachers who were required to stay put during the recent holidays and who, by the end of term, will have been in their locations for six months. Thank you all for your efforts.


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