Re-running Educational Points


It seems to me that more and more students, particularly those at secondary level, are confronted with homework tasks that are well and truly over the top. Students are being handed massive assignment requirements, requiring countless hours of time, where the teaching that should be associated with units of study have not been offered. This requires students to tackle topics without a sufficient and class taught understanding of what is required.

Homework is increasingly being used as a means of transferring teaching obligations straight onto students and also their parents. The curriculum is widening and deepening in terms of content that has to be taught. A lot is extraneous and b opted onto requirements at the whims of government and ‘experts’. What does not help is a system that says, “yes, yes, we can take on board more and more”.

So it is downloaded as new learning , without prerequisite classroom teaching, onto students. This is not the way to go for outcomes will be web based constructions handed in for assessment where the work has been mechanically prepared, under obligation, and with little understanding and love for these conscripted responses.

Modern educational approaches are too often scarce on meaningful teaching and destructive of a love for learning.

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