Interesting changes are proposed for changes to Australian curriculum. Personally, I worry about the fact that language embodied in documents is becoming more confused and less clear. Lightening the load on schools (declutttering) has been the subject of conversation since the 1980’s – possibly earlier. Jim Spinks, who partnered with Brian (whose surname escapes me today) was an influencer when devolved authority to schools was being touted in the 1980’s. I remember him telling us at a conference in Darwin that a major educational fault was continual adding on to curriculum and educational requirements. The problem was that nothing was dropped off, grossly overburdening curriculum requirements.

If anything, that congestion has worsened because schools and teachers are saddled with the responsibility of developing children in terms of behaviour, personal management and deportment.

I do not feel confident about the curriculum for students, young or old.

Neither do I like the fact that documentation to do with curriculum suggestions coming from ACARA is increasingly obtuse and ever less clear because of the language used.

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