Revisiting Ed. Points to Ponder


The Sunday Territorian (20/6) and the NT News (21/6) carried timely stories warning of the deleterious impact of addiction on young people overusing iPads, iPhones and devices. In this context it makes no sense that the NT Department of Education has no policy limiting the access of primary and secondary students to iPhones during school hours. The department urgently needs to follow the example of those stares which have placed bans on school day usage.


Katherine and it’s nearby region are flourishing agricultural, horticultural and industrial hubs. I am constantly amazed that school excursions are limited to tourist attractions. Visits should include visits to farms and businesses. Young people have little awareness about the substance upon which the town and its hinterland are based. They leave knowing little about the ‘real’ Katherine.


A few short years ago the Charles Darwin University was in debt for many millions of dollars. The solution was to curtail TAFE/vet courses and to cut back on staff in those areas. Now, in 2021, the university has a surplus of over $22 million. So the university is going to reinstate TAFE/Vet courses and will obviously rehire staff to run those programs. Help me, help me! I do not understand.

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