IChina has a state of ambition to “reunite“ Taiwan with the rest of the country by no later than 2048. At the most, that is only 27 years from now.

It goes without saying that if China carries through with this ambition, given the way the world is currently aligned, the end of the world as we know it will be the result.

Without the shadow of a doubt if any military campaign is mounted on Taiwan, nations of the world will quickly come out on one side or the other and we will have a world war of unprecedented proportions. It may not happen all at once or overnight but escalation will eventually turn the world into an Armageddon.

What follows is very, very hard to predict or to understand. What comes to my mind is a statement that I once read about world wars. The statement suggested that nobody really knew what armaments would be used for the fighting of world war three. However, world War four would be fought with sticks and stones.

Given the way things are moving and taking into account that the world talks peace but prepares for war, it is easy to visualise this as an ultimate outcome. The destruction of civilisation as we know it is not beyond comprehension.

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