* Gesture needs to be ‘compatable’ with the presenter and magnifying of speech.

* Gesture is a tool that can help emphasise and reinforce points.

* Overdoing gesture can undermine conversation because recipients are studying aspects of body language rather than listening to what is being said.

Avoid ‘accidental’ gestures which are off-putting. These might include the following:

* Wagging a cordless microphone while speaking.

* Rocking from one foot to the other or swaying from the waist.

* Neck movement which is out of sync with general movement

* Eye contact which has you speaking in one direction, looking in another.

* Randomly putting on and taking off spectacles.

* Holding and wagging or twirling glasses while speaking.

* Doing similar with a pen, lazar pointer or some other prop.

* Pulling at collar, sleeves or any other aspect of apparel.

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