Female leaders have bifocal vision. They are able to view and consider various aspects of organisational process and function at the same time. They have acute, wide ranging, fish eye vision of their organisations while at the same time being able to relate to particular issues at specific locations within the ambit of their leadership coverage. They are able to be above (on the balcony) and within (ion the dance floor) of the establishments they are leading at the same time. The depth and breadth of their perspective is quite outstanding.

Men on the other hand, seems to have capacity to be within one organisational dimension. Or another but non able veto cope with more than one perspective (need) at the same time. This causes them to overlook particular needs, meaning (because of this oversight) trouble can bounce back at some time and often not too far into the future.

Their abilities type women as being competent leaders, in a way that sometimes eludes men.

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