Living in Nollamara, Teaching at Glendale (1)

When transferred from Warburton Ranges at the end of April 1975, we were appointed as teachers to Glendale Primary School in Hammersley, a northern suburbs school in Perth. We were renting a house in Nollamara and we’re probably lucky to obtain that rental at short notice after leaving Warburton Ranges. Just for a short period between leaving and obtaining the rental we lived in a caravan.

The Principal of Glendale was an outstanding man by name of Ken Griffith. I found him to be of great support and understanding – whether he knew about our departure from Warburton or not! The interesting thing about our departure was the fact that the various allowances that I had for being at Warburton were maintained in my salary package and not stripped away. The “transfer” from Warburton was not at our behest but instituted by the Department of Education Western Australia as being “In its and in our best interest.” As my allowances had been for the whole of 1975, they were maintained.

(The “best interests“ of education in terms of the department at Warburton Ranges soon took off a life of their own. Shortly after we left behavioural difficulties erupted in and around the school. And the place was being taken apart.

The behaviour of students and young people in the school at Warburton after hours in over the weekends was dysfunctional and damaging to the point of fairly quickly leading to lead stories in newspapers, particularly “The Sunday Independent“, about what was happening on the school premises. It was pleasing to me in a rather sad sort of way that with our departure, things had rapidly gone downhill. To me that proved we were on the right track and that we were doing things that we appreciated whilst at Warburton Ranges.)

While the school and senior staff are Glendale were supportive, our living situation was uncomfortable. Part of this had to do with the fact that our three preschool age children had to go into childcare and we did not see them from morning until night. At the end of the school day we had a little time for shopping and the only time really that was available was Saturday morning. (Remember, during these years shopping hours was significantly less than what they are now and weekend trading was limited to Saturday morning.

Living and working in Perth was a far from ideal situation. Fortunately, this period was to be mercifully short.

Living and working in Perth was a far from ideal situation. Fortunately, this period was to be mercifully short.

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