Women have so much to offer

From my experience in life, I offer the following observations about the capacities of women to contribute meaningfully to organisations and the enrichment of society.

Women have acute situational awareness.

Women have clear goal orientation and crystal-like focus.

Women cut to the chase and don’t dither around the edges of issues.

Women are careful synthesisers and succinct summarisers of situations.

Women are adept at timetabling and planning; they are generally meticulous plan followers.

Women show empathy to those who are under the pump.

Women excel in engaging others in planning and organisation.

Women have excellent leadership and participative perspective. They are both on the organisational balcony with all-encompassing vision and on the dance floor with and among those engaged with endeavour.

Women make an extraordinary contribution in engaging with future economic and societal needs.

Women contribute proactively to staff endeavour and leadership balance within organisations and systems.

May we all grow to appreciate women for their continuing and ongoing contribution to leadership and the enhancement of the world in which we

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