“Frying Nemo” the best

Darwin’s “Frying Nemo” is undisputedly the very best fish and chippery I have ever patronised. Situated on the picturesque deck overlooking the Tipperary Waters marina in a picture perfect setting, the establishment offers the very best in terms of seafood options and beverage choice. It’s beverage licence enables the consumption of alcohol without food purchase, but liquor must be consumed on the premises.

It is hard to understand why anyone would want to drink without ordering from ‘Frying Nemo’s’ extensive and sumptuous menu which can be accessed online or at the premises. The variety of seafood along with support side dishes is the very best on offer.

Take away orders placed by phone are part of the service. If nominating a pick-up time, customers can be 100% guaranteed their orders will be there and ready for collection on the dot.

Proprietor Eddie Willoughby-Smith is an extraordinary and empathetic host. He carefully oversees every operational aspect of the business but without cramping his well trained and highly efficient cooking staff. Bo customer request is too big or too small for Eddie.

A wonderfully happy atmosphere pervades and can be felt and appreciated by customers. Eddie’s staff are ‘wannabe’ people and one senses their happiness and contentment to be working in such a vibrant enterprise.

“Frying Nemo” earns the title of the best fish and chip shop in the Northern Territory on a almost annual basis. It also has a standout reputation on an Australia-wide level. Sample the wares and you will understand why this is the case.

I undertake a 26 kilometre round trip from home for our fish and chips. Visit and patronise the establishment and you will understand why. “Frying Nemo” is the best.

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