(The sadness of Alice Springs)

What was:

A gentle breeze is blowing by,

Wafting clouds across the sky,

Birds fluff their wings in gentle breeze,

Sing joyful songs with happy ease.  

Men playing cricket on the green,

Their noses polished with sunscreen,

Bowl, bat and field the ball,

Contentment reigns for one and all.

Neighbour dozes ‘neath his house,

Spouse tiptoeing like a mouse, 

Buffing windows so they gleam,

Partners for life they are a team.  

What is:

Sad it is the wider world,

Shuns the good with spite unfurled,

Alcohol floods – infusion reigns,

Too many people with addled brains.

Lifted bans mean free for all,

Thefts and threats as people brawl,

People there are losing heart,

As the Alice tears itself apart.

Government’s in an awful bind,

Because the system they did unwind,

Shops are shut, the mall a mess,

Night fighting only adds to stress.

Residents have been sold a pup,

The city’s going belly up,

Almost  too late to hear their cry,

Alice Springs about to die.

The nights once quiet,

Watched o’er by  stars,

Now  ears are burnt,

By hooning cars.

Governments it is time to wake,

How much more can people take,

The city abuzz with crime and sin, 

With citizens entrapped therein.

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