I had recourse to examine the Australian Government’s ‘myagedcare’ (My Aged Care) program and discovered it to be a support offered for the aged … but NOT for everyone.

Before accessing an approved package of support, those to be receiving benefit are subject to means testing with a level of investigative scrutiny that is mind boggling. Every vestige of one’s assets have to be declared and absolutely nothing remains private and confidential. If I read the documentation correctly, the costs of determining package entitlement based on assets, have to be bourne by the person being means tested.

My assumption is that people with means and savings will be advised the scheme that may have been approved (subject to means testing) is not available after all.

I have now come to an understanding that those who have savings and been prudent money managers are ineligible for any support. Those who have spent every dollar, are fully supported.

The scheme is long on process and short on outcome. It is almost discriminatory in excluding seniors who have been careful mangers, thrifty and industrious like ants, while being there for those who have frittered away their largesse and, like grasshoppers, have not taken any account for the future.

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