How I wish I had acted!

Write about a time when you didn’t take action but wish you had. What would you do differently?


It was a case of doing laundry. Will I turn the tap off because the machine is not quite full it has a fair way to go and I only have to go up the back and I’ll soon be returning.

No, I left the tap on in the washing machine will fill but I’ll soon be back so I won’t run over so there’s no need to take a precaution.

I was distracted when I went up the back first by a neighbour from over the fence. Then, I spider very right Pulp or the tree and I just had to get it down before the birds got into it.

It was a beautiful pawpaw and I took it back and put it on the bench near the laundry door.

That’s funny – that water coming out the door?

Oh no! The machine was well and truly full and the floor was well and truly wet and water was everywhere what a cleanup was facing me.

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