Describe a risk you took that you do not regret.


One day in June 1975 while working in Perth I noticed an advertisement about working in the Northern Territory. I rang up and talk to somebody at the van open “Commonwealth Teaching Service“, the organisation looking after Education in the Northern Territory.

My inquiry was in respect of the possibility of coming to the Territory in 1976.

18 hours later after my initial inquiry we were rung up and offered appointments in the Northern Territory to start immediately. We made up our minds to go! We had to give notice in Western Australia but this was facilitated by a terrific Principal of the school in which we were working.

So it was that we finished working at Glendale Primary School in Perth on Friday and start it in the Northern Territory the following Tuesday.

That was an impulse decision and one we never regretted.

48 years later we are still in the Northern Territory both retired and both very proud of our children and their families. Coming to the Territory turned out to be the right decision – albeit based on impulse– That we ever made.

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