What topics do you like to discuss?


There are a multitude of topics that I like to discuss, both within myself and with others.

Why is it that any superannuation scheme touted as being one should replace existing schemes, is generally worse than the system it is designed to replace?

Why did the government which is always on about superannuation savings, allow people to tap into these funds during Covid, with billions and billions of dollars released being quite trivially expended?

Why are Indigenous Australian parents not held accountable for bringing up their children in the NT?

Why are Indigenous children deemed to be attending school in a satusfactory manner, if they attend on average 3 days of every 5 (60%)?

The list goes on? It always does.

One topic that is constant in my mind is this: why is it that lessons from the past and never adhered to and never learned in any sense of permanents. The past is always discounted, why?

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