What are your favorite emojis?


As an old-fashioned person it was brought up with pencil pen and paper and his formative years happened well and truly before the age of computer and back in the days of the typewriter, correctional fluid, carbon paper for duplicate copies, and so on, I really do not have time for emojis. I don’t like them. I don’t like the way they have substituted for pros that expresses mood, feeling, environment, and general context,. I like to be able to write about things – Albeit enhanced these days by computer technology – but I do not like the substituting of emojis for descriptive text.

My only memorable experience was not with emojis but rather with Pokémon “characters” who can be found in different places at different times sending different messages.

I don’t play Pokémon but one day I was with a relation in the fish and chip shop. The shop was quite full of people at the time who were waiting for orders and the staff were flat out.

My relation played Pokémon while we were waiting and discovered a great big rat on the screen.

To all and sundry I then declared, probably not in whispering tones, “There’s a great big rat in the fish shop”! I will leave you to imagine the reaction.


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