Feeling Productive

When do you feel most productive?


Productivity and when one feels the most productive there is according to age, station in life, occupation, and so on.

I like to reflect upon my life being productive through all of its stages and elements.

As the school principal I always felt most productive when I reached children. that involve gaining the respect and having them self motivate to do the very best at all times. For me Education was all about humanity and dealing with people; whenever that happens happened I felt good.

These days and into my retirement by over a decade, perhaps one of the things that I really like when it comes to productivity is the ability to grow pawpaws from seed and give away plants to people. I also like to grow some plants so the fruit can be picked and given away. This productivity has been going on for six or seven for six years or so and I have given away “Product“ in order of quite a few thousand dollars.

I think that some people call that being an urban farmer

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