Have you ever been camping?


Although these days I do not go camping, in many respects I was a professional camper, particularly in 1970 and then again in 1974/75. We were at that stage living in Warburton Ranges a very very remote community in Western Australia.

Yes, we were living in the community. But in essence we were camping. We resided in two houses (over time) attached to the school. They were more like aluminium huts. The aluminium outer and the aluminium roof had wall lining and ceiling made of Masonite. There was no air conditioning, neither were their fans.

In these houses, we froze to death in winter and or a boiling hot in summer. No, the houses were not tents but yes they were more like offering the opportunity to live in a camping mode for the housing most certainly was not conventional.

It may be for this reason the camping is camping has never really turned me on.


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